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USB Keyboard on Amstrad CPC

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Hi dear friend,
Im using ps2 mouse adapter from Bryce.  But i want to use USB keyboard (specially) and USB mouse. How can l do it? My computer system is using 4 port usb KVM switch.  PC, Mac Mini, Amiga piStorm use one vga monitor one USB mouse and one Usb keyboard but Amstrad CPC only use 1 vga monitor. And ps2 mouse didnt adopt this system. Therefore i want to wear usb keyboard and mouse on Amstrad CPC.

My PS/2 Mouse adapter works with USB mice that have a PS/2 compatibility mode (most older USB mice) if you use a PS/2 to USB adapter.


thanks bryce. i will use USB/PS2 converter immediatly. have you any idea about USB Keyboard? I solved my USB Mouse problem thanks to you. thanks. My USB Keyboard problem is huge.

I don't think this was done already ... you would have to convert the USB Protocoll and then go directly to the 40027 (?) chip in the CPC ... Personally I never seen any hardware that can do this ....

I'd suggest a microcontroller which plugs into the keyboard header would be the way to do this. USB stuff is outside my sphere of knowledge though.


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