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USIfAC II: Adding WiFi (ESP8266MOD)

Started by crizle, 19:21, 23 January 22

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Hi there all,

I know there is a separate topic for the USIfAC II, but I am just rediscovering (well the past year and a bit) my passion for electronics but still rusty.

I am after advice on how to connect an ESP8266MOD to the USIfAC II. I know it should be easy but I don't want to damage anything! What is stopping me is the fact it has a mini USB UART to program the ESP8266MOD via Arduino etc.. all works fine.

EDIT: Mon 24th Jan 2022

I have looked through files available and found a ESP8266 flash folder. After using Arduino IDE to upload a serial console sketch(i think) I was able to use AT commands etc and update the flash so now it is actually set as an access point connected to my home network. But I haven't connected to the USIfAC II. I just need advice on which pins to connect from the ESP8266MOD to the USIfAC II - I don't know the standard ways. Obviously I will look into powering a better way once connected. If anyone needs a better picture of pinouts I can provide.I am maybe thinking too much into it, but will I need to bypass the USB UART of the ESP8266MOD to connect to the USIfAC? If so, has anyone any pointers/advice on what I should or not be doing.

One last question: I have a XGecu TL866 II programmer, and was hoping to flash the USIfAC to the latest firmware but not sure if it is working as it has all chips listed for PIC programming and the only one that is not listed is the PIC18F47Q10. I tried one that was the closest but say's out of range for programming. I have an STM32, Bus-Pirate and the XGecu device, is it possible to program the chip with any of these as I do not have the programmer mentioned in the docs.Any help/thoughts etc.. much appreciated.



Quote from: Fran123 on 09:30, 24 January 22
Get the ESP01
Hi, thanks for the reply, but I am looking for help with integrating the ESP8226MOD with the USIfAC II.


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