Building the World's Newest Amstrad CPC by Noel's Retro Lab

Started by ComSoft6128, 19:18, 25 January 22

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The comments are worth looking thru too :)


Yes I love the video and also it made me looking into a GA on a CPLD again.

Now I need to create a real reproduction of the GA in verilog (good exercise for me) and then build it into a CPLD. I also need to figure out if I do need to have level converters in there at least for send. For input it should be good to have a 5V save CPLD, but for output I might not be good enough. Maybe some Schmitt triggers, can do the job. Checking what is the simplest solution for a single pcb carrying all of that.
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I am never likely to do anything like this, but it was still super interesting.

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