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Dirty video on 6128 Plus RGB Scart

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Hi Guys,

I've just hooked up my Plus with RGB cable to my TV and I'm a bit disappointed with the display. The colours are not as clean or solid as they are on my CPC 6128. If you look at the blue background on the attached screenshot (a little bit hard to see because the camera seems to try filtering it out - but look to the bottom!). With the naked eye I would describe it as broken up by different shades of blue in vertical lines across the screen and is very noticeable - looks like a poor quality composite signal. This does not happen on the CPC and everything is solid.

I made the leads for both machines using exactly the same components apart from the differing DIN and wires for the plus. Everything is grounded correctly. I've made many leads for all sorts of machines in the past and this is the first time I have seen this.

Is this a known issue on the Plus? Is there anything I can do to fix it? It might be the failure of a cap or something on the motherboard but I'd like to know first whether or not this is normal before I start poking around inside!



Call me blind, but I can't see anything wrong there.


I know it doesn't show up properly in the picture, I think the IPhone does some sort of funky filtering. I'll try another one with my D700.

I know exactly what you mean and I see it on my plus monitor.
I think the gx4000 doesn't suffer from the same problem because it's clock has a different speed and the resolution is then more cleaner.

The GX4000 is a completely different matter, because it has a proper SCART driver and circuitry.

(Still disappointed because I thought the "Dirty Video" was going to feature Georgia Salpa) :(


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