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CPC464 Repairs

Started by derek, 22:29, 11 July 22

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I was given a CPC464 without a monitor and power supply, so I do not know if it works.

I know nothing about the CPC464.

What is the best power supply to use with the CPC464?

Can I use a Microvitec Cub, with the CPC464, with a suitable RGB cable?


A power supply for the 464 is easy to find. You need 5V with 2A minimum, the plug size is 5.5mm/2.1mm. Technical details can be found here:

I have never heard about that monitor but I could find a discussion on a German forum about this monitor. It seems there are different models that do not all offer RGB inputs. And there is a switch so you can either connect TTL or analogue signals. The user in this thread could successfully connect an AMIGA to the monitor with the RGB+csync signals, which the CPC also provides. So you might be lucky and just need a simple, passive adapter.

Here is the discussion with technical details and manual for the monitor. With a translation tool, the thread should be OK to understand:



Thank you for the information.

I was reading some of the other CPC Hardware pages, and have found the answers to my questions. I will buy a Power supply from CPC Store:

The Cub Monitor is TTL, so I would prefer an RGB monitor, so I will get a SCART cable from RetroShack on eBay,  who sell high quality Video cables:

I could make the SCART cable, but to save time, I will buy one.

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