CPC 6128 broken traces and weird factory mod.

Started by Cunnah, 13:31, 11 February 22

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I recently acquired a CPC 6128 which does boot to basic but the disk drive isn't working.

The disk drive maybe as simple as the a broken drive belt but I have noticed that there is a fair bit of corrosion on the board. Further to this I also appear to have this version of the 6128 board.

File:MC0009B Bottom.jpg - CPCWiki

So in an effort to A) fix the machine and B) Understand it better.

Is there a resource for what parts of the board need to be working in order to boot into basic so I can eliminate any areas that should be working fine (the broken areas appear to be ground traces so maybe I lucked out and they still have a route to ground)?

Also what is the purpose of the yellow connecting wire, After a bit of digging it appears to be due to an error on the board after a component was moved but I am not entirely sure what it corrects?





Great thanks, you wouldn't also know about what parts the computer needs at bare minimum to boot into basic?

Also just got the drive belt so looks like I now have a working disk drive.


The CPC needs almost every component to boot as it's an enclosed system. A picture of your PCB would help a lot in advising you on what needs to be done.



I will get around to it. I figured that maybe the case. Everything appears to be working on this machine its just a little tatty and in need of a good clean. I think once I have the board cleaned up I will post a pic so you guys can have a look.

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