Plus System Cartridge replacement

Started by Macross_VF1, 19:43, 11 February 22

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Ok so I have a small problem with my CPC plus. A few years back I managed to put in a power adaptor with the wrong voltage which fried one RAM chip (easily replaced) and also the system cartridge. I'm finally about to replace it with a homebrew / reverse engineered cartridge where I can replace the Eprom if necessary.

And here's the thing, the first rom chip I want is the plus system cartridge with the Plus Operating System (v4), Locomotive BASIC v1.1, AMSDOS and Burnin' Rubber game. Basically a straight replacement for the destroyed cartridge. However, I have a french CPC plus and I'm not sure which of the roms I can find here, that I should use. Please help a poor deprived fool! :)


You'll find what you need here.

"Green" ROM is the french one

Best of luck !


Thank you, that was exactly what I was looking for.

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