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What's "wrong" with CRTC 2?

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Got a "brand new" NOS CPC 464, and to my surprise, it has CRTC 2 - never seen one before. Rare?
Well, tried Batman demo, and it doesn't like the CRTC 2.

So - what's so bad about it for demos?


"The CRTC Type 2, beside being the original one, is the “worse” type (according to the low democoders standards :) because most of the simple tricks used to do splitscreens or other demo-effects does not work with it."

Wasn't type 0 the original one? Don't know for 464, but for 6128 type 0 was the first one they used (at least in Gemany).


CRTC numbers refers to discovering order but most of 464 & 664 are CRTC-2

Hi All
Is there a Program that is able to identify the CRTC Versions.



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