Z80 and sound chip frequencies

Started by Abrimaal, 18:38, 08 June 15

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How many configurations of Z80 frequency and sound chips exist? The default config is Z80 @4MHz and 1xAY @1MHz.
I mean how many presets should be reserved for CPC identification and emulation in the updated .ay format,
before we go to the next machine.


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Spectrums have 1.77 mhz AY chips, and Atari ST machines have a 2 mhz AY chip. Why do you ask in relation to the z80 frequency? The AY chip is quite cpu independent, and the clock frequency can be independent of the cpu clock too...


All the CPC models use the "default" config, Z80 @4Mhz and 1xAY @1Mhz. There are no variants.

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