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APL/Z 1.1 on CP/M?

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For advanced users only.
Would APL/z 1.1, available at be run-able on CPC CP/M 2.2?What about EMPL 1.0? ( )
Thank you for looking,J.

Great question :)

Is it run-able anywhere? I'd like to take a look (about CP/M then AMSDOS port) if I can test it somewhere.
Have you tested it? How to you enter the special chars?

Still interested by the answer!

Talking about CP/M: where is the biggest CP/M audience/community? Usenet?



There is a listing via Google for this: - specifically for Z80.

A way down the list of various languages there seems to be the one you ask about.   NB the item is referred to as an 'Interpreter' as opposed to a Compiler.

I've downloaded the .zip and I'll have a look, but I know nothing about AP/L, other than that it's a famous language - used for things during the Apollo missions?

Why the interest?


I've got the file, and unpacked it.

There is the .COM, a couple of doc files, and a lot of example 'overlay' examples.

The prog can operate on an ascii terminal, and there are notes about the included symbol translations, and I assume re extra translations that you might do.   The comments say that the prog does work, even quite well, and speed is OK.   Evidently AP/L is normally an interpreter, so there may be no such thing as a compiler anyway?

Seems to use a lot of one char 'symbols' to create a prog (usually mathematical ?), so the matter of 'readability' seems to be out the window?

No doubt interesting historically



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