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COSMOS v.27 / November 2021 - The project is completed.

Started by KSL, 19:27, 29 November 21

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Hi to all CPC community!

I have uploaded v.27 of COSMOS. 

Cosmos - CPCWiki

This version includes a daily logbook, an accumulator of sorted expenses and income and revised on board help (revised using Arnor ProText!).

The project is completed. I would like to thank all of you who supported its development.

I am very satisfied with the final result, as I always wanted to make an MS-DOS like application for CP/M and CPC.


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Filename on the wiki is still 0.24, at least as per filename?


Hi Gryzor!

Yes, the filename on the wiki is still "File:COSMOS V24.dsk". I do not know how to change the name of it!  :P

Kindly rename it to COSMOS v27.dsk


The best is to upload the new file (ignore / keep old file) and change the link in the Wiki-page.
If you attach the DSK here on a post, I can try to do that.  :)

However, it's good to give this topic a push! Especially since CP/M Plus now runs thanks @d_kef on many more storage devices.  :) --> Get the revolutionary FutureOS (Update: 2023.11.30) --> Get the RSX-ROM for LambdaSpeak :-) (Updated: 2021.12.26)


Does COSMOS run on CP/M Plus?
What I have read is that it need CP/M 2.2.
Does d_kefs version of CP/M also support CP/M 2.2. I haven't tried it yet.
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No need to try it. It won't work!!!
CP/M 2.2 is completely different.
It would need many parts of the HDCPM code to be rewritten and/or build two separate ROMs/binaries.
That's how Dobbertin and D'ktronics did it back in the day. They both used different patches for the two flavors of CP/M.


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