Author Topic: BBS and Shades though MAME RS232 and pty  (Read 760 times)

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BBS and Shades though MAME RS232 and pty
« on: 17:44, 18 January 21 »

I've been having a nostalgia fest after pulling my CPC gear out of the loft. I had a Prism Modem 2000 and a Pace rs232 back in the day (both sold around 2000 for pennies).
 I used to frequent shades and BBSs. I also had a diy wardialler built from one of those 150 in one electronics set, wired through a relay directly into the telephone socket. It was fun, until I was sent off to get a paper round when the bill came in.

I wanted to recreate this experience and whilst waiting for my M4 board,  I've been playing with MAME on OSX.

My old favourite, Honeyterm and BBS Terminal don't seem to work. I think it's something to do with RTS/CTS as direct OUT's to the port work fine.

After a bit of experimentation, I managed to get the original Amstrad RS232 connected to a Mame Psuedo Terminal at 2400baud. I then connected a shell to the pty, which gave me a prompt and used telnet.For the CPC software Ewen-term is the only one that seems to work well (it's also the only one with documentation online).
I've posted some pictures of Shades and the Amstrad BBS.

Now I've scratched that itch, I can get back to work.

Thanks for all the great info here.

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Re: BBS and Shades though MAME RS232 and pty
« Reply #1 on: 11:19, 19 January 21 »
Awesome stuff... now I'm longing for some BBSing :(

Didn't do anything remotely like this with my CPC, didn't have a modem till my Atari ST days, and of course especially with my early PCs... Ahhh those were the days!

Unfortunately the web terminal at doesn't want to connect for me :(