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Can anyone let me know the status of the BDOS or HD-DOS applications / roms?

I've read some old threads (and searched my friend google), but they reveal no current status or where I can obtain a copy of the Roms from.

I want to access the CFCard attached to my SymbiFaceII card - I can access it via SymbOS (FutureOS doesn't seem to recognize it, even though the Roms do load and display correctly - odd).  So, does anyone know if there is a ROM out there somewhere that can allow me to access the DSK files located on my CFCard.

I suppose I can always wait for the delivery of the SDCard reader from Lotharek (from eBay) and kind of achieve what I'm after - it just seems a shame to have such a wonderful device as the SymbiFaceII and not be able to access the CFCard from AMSDOS...

any guidance appreciated!

I have compiled all pointers I could find regarding AMSDOS support for the Symbiface II at,559.msg5397.html#msg5397 - but couldn't get further information from the mighty Prodatron (nor apparently any remedy to "rotting links" in the software section of, let alone get my hands on this hardware so far.

hi there,

not to speak on behalf of the HDDOS developer (not me, i can assure you!), but it's still being worked on...

essentially, i sent an private email directly to Ray Palmer a few months back through comp.sys.amstrad.8bit newsgroup inquiring, just as you've done, about any progress he has made on his HDOS rom for accessing Symbiface IDE device from AMSDOS...

he should provide the WIP software (DSK,ROM,source code) if you ask him

hope this helps!

BDOS was covered on pages 10-12 of (in German) by Timo Brüggmann himself (revealing to have named it BonnyDOS after his teckel) and said to be mostly AMSDOS compatible (adding |C for the HDD on a SYMBiFACE) for existing software (of which it could handle up to 2 GB); tested on some 200 games etc.

Not sure if this means Octoate may still have contact details for "Brüggie of Noobs" and Jürgen Strobel (of drive-modding fame)...


--- Quote from: OCT on 18:37, 01 April 10 ---Not sure if this means Octoate may still have contact details for "Brüggie of Noobs" and Jürgen Strobel (of drive-modding fame)...

--- End quote ---
Nope, I am currently not in contact with Brueggi. He also decided to leave the CPC scene and currently programs AFAIK DOS applications (e.g. BDOS for DOS). He wrote some lines in a thread in the german CPC forum.

Btw, I just uploaded the latest files which I found on my harddisk to the Wiki. You can find them in the BonnyDOS article.


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