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Title: CIENCIAS (Science)
Post by: ComSoft6128 on 17:41, 08 March 21
1985 (?) Commercial Spanish aide-memoire for secondary school pupils.
The 36K(!) BASIC program is Listed at the end of the video.

Back in "the mists of time"  ::)  when I was at school I would have found the Periodic table and Genetics info useful; had an English version or indeed the CPC been available then ::)


Periodic table - 0:30 to 1:07
Genetics - 1:12 to 7:41
Functions - 7:46 to 9:40
Geology - 9:50 to 11:20

BASIC Listing - 11:42 to 13:19

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tP0sBsn1LEE (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tP0sBsn1LEE)


https://www.cpc-power.com/index.php?page=detail&num=10603 (https://www.cpc-power.com/index.php?page=detail&num=10603)

https://www.everygamegoing.com/lpublisher/centro_pedagogico_de_informatica/6142/ (https://www.everygamegoing.com/lpublisher/centro_pedagogico_de_informatica/6142/)

Not emulated - original hardware and software.

Please note that  the aspect ratio for this YouTube video is 16:9 but the CPC monitor
has an aspect ratio of 4:3 so you may wish to adjust your viewing device accordingly.
Title: Re: CIENCIAS (Science)
Post by: Gryzor on 09:47, 09 March 21
That was pretty nice! Though, no idea what it was trying to achieve by throwing in things so diverse. But for its time, very well presented I guess!