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What's up tonight ?

* Adding rsx ùtile to launch Cpc Tile.
* Fix scene- selector bug. In some cases, scene could display 999.
* Adding tile number when it is selected.
* Fix 256 tiles max for 8x8 and 16x8 tiles.
* Fix 240 tiles max for 16x16 tiles.
* Adding Fill function **F**. Fill the selected scene with the selected tile.
* Adding Fine HardScroll when tiles are selected.

Hi Cpc Friends,

What's up tonight ?

I let you discover it.

Have a good fun. French comments, sorry!

Question asked on Twitter, CPC and CPC+ or CPC+ only ? I would say all CPC with its name.

Une question posée sur twitter, CPC et CPC+ ou CPC+ seulement ? Je dirai tous CPC vu le nom.


Hi Genesis8,

For the moment Amstrad Plus only but all Amstrad cpc users can use it to do their maptile (on Amstrad Plus, of course  ;D ).

It’s fully compatible with iMPdraw and you need to have it installed because Cpc Tile use some IMPdraw ´s specifics routines as i/o for example.

What's up tonight ?

- A new video (better than the first one) which shows you how use easily Cpc Tile.
- Tiles Gfxs are based on Bdciron&#039; spectrum works
Bdciron' spectrum works. I found it was a good example to share. All these gfxs were made with iMPdraw v2 then  converted by iMP-Catcher (by Lines with Tags).
- All that's left is to load your tiles, .imp format generated by the Catcher then to start or go on your Map Tile (Tile Map Editor on the menu)

If you have some ideas to share so just do it!
Excellent evening everyone !!!


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