CPC web browser development Update (05Jan2013) - Try #2

Started by rpalmer, 12:13, 05 January 13

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Hello All

I have been quite busy getting more functions into the CPCB (CPC browser).

I have got a basic set of functions for frames and tables going and have got some code in place for forms (ie. inputs).

There are a few problems with frames/Tables (forms has yet to be tested and will all likely just crash the CPC).

a. The frames seem to work okay if the frame does not occupy the whole CPC screen allocated for web page viewing (i.e no scrolling)

b. If the rendering can not be completed for a frame then a scrollable frame is shown, this has the effect of allowing the contents to be scrolled
     independently of the whole screen, but can be a problem at the moment as i have not completely checked if a partial frame is shown correctly.

c. The tables have yet to implement a display of borders.

d. If a frame is selected the HTML can be viewed. Where no frame can be detected on a click and HTML is viewed then the first loaded HTML is

The test cases were only simple HTML, but im sure everyone will want to put this version through its paces to see how it fares.

All pictures are bitmaps (hence zipped).



it seems i forgot instructions on testing the application.

So here it is.

The testing only needs the HTML rom image, however that limits the access to local files only on floppy drive A or B.

The long term goal would be to put the web browser into ROM so that even more main memory is available for other features/functions.



Ooh, this is interesting. How are you connecting your CPC to the net?

I'm still working on my CPC implementation on FPGA board, and just thinking that it'd be cool if I can provide support in hardware on my board so it could run this!

EDIT: Just found this CPC web browser/Internet Applications so I guess I'll just read that!


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I have built an ethernet board and have got it to communicate with a PC to setup DHCP, etc.

I have also created the TCP/IP in ROM. I have built up a set of APIs along the same standard as defined by IEEE (i.e socket, read, write, etc).  There is still a great deal of work to do.

The TCP/IP does not what device it talks to, so any available device can be used from RS232, CPC Booster, etc.  All that is needed is driver support to create the 3 basic interface routines (READ, WRITE and INIT).

As of 09 Jan 2013, I have created a set of routines in the browser which seems to handle a render of the forms input, but again it needs alot of work to get it right.

Once the browser's main functions are working I will continue with the TCP/IP API so that it can be used with a PC running a simple web server to test with the CPC to get web pages.



I have managed to get some way with forms, but still needs quite some work.

I have included a file selector and tested it with files from drive A only.

I have also been looking at a proportional font such as arial for more text to be seen on the web-page.
Also a form of courier as well to enable more features to stand out.
At the moment all fonts are fixed space fonts, meaning at most 80 chars can be seen.



Forms? Wow. I guess it's useful for logins etc, but still, it's quite advanced!


Well, there is not so much downloading going on... maybe people don't know what to so with it. (Yes, I didn't download either, have my Laptop at home, writing at the lap PC).
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I dont expect people to be downloading it right this minute, but once I get the application to a more useful state with a real internet connection I feel people will begin to see a tangible benefit to getting it and see many more using it.



Absolutely. I just have the impression that you have been creating sooo much, that people may be scared a bit.  ;)  But you know how it is, people always like something like... a disc you put in and type run"disc   :laugh:

You did an giantic job creating all that routines. I really hope to have internet access one day using the CPC.
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hello all,

I have been working to get more of the HTML functions into the available 16K rom and so far I have managed to create a limited set of style elements for HTML to handle.

At the moment none of it has been tested, but i feel it should be okay (but can only be sure once testing is complete of course).

I have also begun to look back at:

a.  Tables for inclusion of borders

b.  Forms to get the rendering right.

Also I have begun to see how i may get CPC mode 2 screen images to be usable in some fashion.



The latest update of the cpc web browser now has the capability to display pictures (mode 2 only).

The browser has the capability to show images upto 512K x 512k, however to have all this information in memory would require the 4Mb expansion and changes to the memory manager to allow such a picture.

Pictures for mode 2 can be just the standard mode 2 of 640 x 200 or any smaller size of the users choice.

The format of pictures need a slight change in format so that browser knows the dimensions for the display.

The pictures are display using a user defined character repeatedly, hence the need for a slight change in format.

An example of a picture in the web browser can be since in the attached jpg.
The format of the picture can be see from the "submit" attachments.



A screenshot! Awesome! What is the code in tstimage.html?

Also it reads xls files? :DWow...


Great progress! At this rate we'll be watching Youtube videos on our CPCs by Christmas :)



Sorry guys, but xls is definitely not possible. It was used to create the submit binary data and assembler.

The html behind is shown in the attached screen shot.


Sykobee (Briggsy)

Anything that brings a well known way to format information attractively on screen is welcomed!

I think you're missing the body tags in that there HTML though :-)


well folks, it s time for an update to the development of the CPC web browser and here it is.

I have simplified the testing/startup process and made available all of the functions previously mentioned for the browser. However, there is still quite some work to do to get a more polished version.

To now run the browser (in WinAPE) simply insert the disc into drive A and then execute cpcb.bas with run "cpcb" along with having the ROM installed in slot 3. The ROM can be any valid slot as long as the configuration files are also updated, but for now slot 3 is used for testing.
Any user can run the browser in a real CPC as long as there is at least 256K memory expansion

The improvements made by this version are:

a. Forms implemented on most functions (more work is need to get all working)
b. Tables now appear to work as expected, however borders are still in simple characters unlike forms which are styled.
c. Frames appear to work okay, but there are still issues when frame occupies whole web-page area for a scrolling framing.
d. Fixed drive selection for loading HTML files.
    1. to load files from drive B:
        - Press P
        - Press O
        - enter file://\b0/
        - select from the list files the required file.
        The same can be applied for drive A. Note that once drive B is selected that is the primary drive from which access to files is requested so a user need to select drive A if that is where the file is.

Documentation is progress along and the user manual will be in HTML to be available to the browser as an online guide.




QuoteCan't get much geekier than that.
At least you manage to get Greekier than that... :P

This looks like Internet 0.5... funny nowadays at 2.99 version.


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