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CP/M programs you use.

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I've used NSWP a few times over the last few years to unsqueeze 17K screens from 30 year old disks.


--- Quote from: SkulleateR on 16:52, 03 May 21 ---Hmm, did not test any other yet ... Drawbacks ? Well these commands are not supported : AUTO, CHAIN, CHAIN  MERGE,  CONT,  DELETE,  EDIT,  LIST,  LOAD (BASIC program),MERGE, RENUM, RESUME NEXT, SAVE (BASIC program), TROFF, TRON

--- End quote ---
That's because they make no sense in a compiled program.


--- Quote from: m_dr_m on 13:02, 03 May 21 ---Apart from DR LOGO or TurboPascal, do you happen to kick a CP/M session for other programs?

--- End quote ---
Well, I use neither one of them but:
- Z3Plus
- BD04
- NS
- OS  ;D  ... rather often compared to others

Cool! Care to give a short description and/or a link?

Z3Plus starts the ZCPR system for CP/M Plus. That's a topic as big as Unix (because it's close to that).
NS is a quick & comfortable copy, (un)compress, program
BD04 is a tool to analyze (and mark, as exclude form usage) bad blocks / files on a disc.


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