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CSW2CDT, new tool suite for tape encoding

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I also tried things like the integrated band-pass filter in csw0, but no more success.

--- Code: ---./csw0 -f 500 2000 block_from_tape.wav && ./csw2cdt block_from_tape.csw

43535 bytes.
51 bytes.

./csw0 -f 500 4000 block_from_tape.wav && ./csw2cdt block_from_tape.csw

46282 bytes.
51 bytes.

--- End code ---

Any hints appreciated, @cngsoft and everyone. Thanks!

Hi, i know for a fact that Playtzx (like the old tools to make CDT or TZX) have the timings out of specs.

This translates by loading errors when reverted back from TZX to WAV.

I let Cesar answers if he wants to.


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