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CSW2CDT, new tool suite for tape encoding

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I'd like also to be available to compile it on MacOS, as it's been 7 years since I don't have any Windows machine at hand.

Also, releasing the source code will allow for improvements and contributions.



Let's see if I can make it work on MacOS.

I managed to compile the programs on MacOS and Linux.

Here are my modifications to the CSW2CDT.C file.


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Thanks! This compiles on Linux, there are warnings but since later steps work, for a quick check I'd assume it just works well enough.

I tested it with a wav generated by playtzx (then sox to turn voc into wav). csw0 then csw2cdt produced a working cdt (tested with RetroVirtualMachine, hearing the actual signal while loading, and with cpcec which shortcuts the load time).

I then used it on a real file recorded from tape, and it generated a 51-byte-long cdt file, therefore fail:

--- Code: ---./csw0 block_from_tape.wav

38400 bytes.

./csw2cdt block_from_tape.csw

51 bytes.

--- End code ---

In audacity, the curve is ugly and wavy.

I tried "filtering curve" tool in audacity, set to constant -30dB from 0 to 400Hz, then ramp to +6dB at 500Hz then constant.

Curve seems nicer, at least during the pilot tone.

--- Code: ---./csw0 ../block_from_tape_filtered.wav

105284 bytes.

./csw2cdt ../block_from_tape_filtered.csw

71 bytes.

--- End code ---

Success  not yet.

The other way round

I might switch in cpc-dev-tool-chain from using "playtzx" to running csw2cdt -f somesamplerate ; csw0 -t somevalue , because playtzx only generates voc and the timings seem off.

That said, output of csw0 exhibits some unusual extra frequencies which are probably due to interference between output sample rate and times of square wave transitions (confirmed by hearing them less at 48000Hz than at 44100Hz), which does not happen in playtzx output. Might be investigated later.


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