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CubeMDOS / FAT16+FAT32-OS - for XMASS, Symbiface_2+3,HXC/FlashFloppy

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I'm finished, attached is my latest version.

Key Features:
- Detect (nearly) all Fat16+Fat32-Partitions on your CF-Card, DOM, etc. (1st Partition please). Prefered is Fat32 (should be faster with Save-Commands)
  You can format the media with e.g. Windows and fill it with data.
- Partial longnames.
- the usual RSX like |MD, |RD, |REN,....
- |DIR + |CD accepts Wildcards
- DSK-Support
- Compatibility should be high (i hope so  ;) ) - but i'm playing around with a lower-rom-patch to increase compatibility.
- Burn to ROM7 is allowed (max. compatibility), with (or without) AMSDOS as ROM15 (best compatibility) or below 15.
- ROM7 without Floppy-ROM is allowed too, compatible with Duke's lower-ROM-Patch

The ROM must be placed below (if used) AMSDOS, M4DOS, PARADOS
Not compatible with ACMEDOS at the same time.

YANCC-User should be update to the latest version.

Added 23.03.18: CubeIOS180318b - first release - The ROM had fled  :-[ but i found it (please reload the file, sorry)
Added 15.04.18: CubeIOS140418b - Bugfixing + flexible ROM configuration allowed, changed handling of |A (see textfile)
Added 30.08.18: FormatBAS - the upcoming next release(s) will no longer include "Format.bas"
Added 01.10.18: CubeMDOS230918b - Renamed ROM, Support of Symbiface 3, HXC+Gotek (see Readme) + Small Bugfixes
Added 04.10.19: CubeMDOS290919b - A lot of Bugfixes
Added 20.01.20: CubeMDOS120120b - DSK-Support (read only) +  Bugfixes


Well done SOS !
Happy to see other os will be ready for our beloved x-Mass !

I just give it a trial but formatting a 128Mb DOM give wrong size results...If I choose FAT16 format then I own 400Mb ??


--- Quote from: Kris on 19:39, 25 March 18 ---I just give it a trial but formatting a 128Mb DOM give wrong size results...If I choose FAT16 format then I own 400Mb ??

--- End quote ---
At the moment i have no check against the real-media-size.

You can't choose a format with higher capacity as your media can fit!
So you must choose a correct format, eg.
128MB-DOM = 1st ACMEDOS-Format (128MB),
256MB-DOM = 1st ACMEDOS-Format (128MB),
512MB-DOM (or higher) = You can use all formats (128MB,400MB,450MB)

Cool. Works great for Winapes IDE-Device.

Created empty Image via
dd if=/dev/zero of=cpcide.img count=128 bs=1M, set to W95 FAT16 (LBA) with fdisk and initialised with mkfs.vfat cpcide.img

Mounted it in Winape and could Save Files to it.

Created Entry in /etc/fstab to mount it parallel in Linux. Copying Files from Disk-Images to the IDE-Image via ManageDSK works like a charm.

Must now look, how to get it transferred to the XMASS-DOM. Are there Adapters for USB available to Mount the DOM on a PC?


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