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Desktop Environment System & MicroDesign YouTube video

Started by ComSoft6128, 14:58, 29 March 19

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2nd test video.

Classic Hardware:
6128 Plus, Rombox and 3.5" B drive.

Modern hardware:
OSSC and Hauppauge Rocket.

This was recorded the same morning as the Liss6128 video and also suffers from a ropy and out of sync soundtrack. Simple DES and MicroDesign functions are shown. More detailed (and in sync) videos will follow in a few weeks. The first 8 minutes show DES and other Rom software, the remaining eleven minutes are taken up with MicroDesign.

CPCWiki links:

The two large MicroDesign files (and others) shown in the video can be viewed and downloaded from here:


I have never seen DES or MicroDesign in action before.So cool!


Thanks ASiC,

Another good candidate for future videos are the Rob Baxter classical music files for Rainbird's Advanced Music System. @Nich sent them over here a few months ago and when I have the time (!) I will have a proper look at them and also then link the Rocket directly to the laptop to enhance sound quality.


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