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Dragonbreed Patched CPM Plus

Started by zhulien, 19:15, 17 February 23

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I've attached my CPM work disc with both CPM2.2 (|CPM) and the patched Dragonbreed CP/M (run Disc).  Sorry for now I cannot find the patcher itself.  You cannot view this attachment.


I was thinking someone could probably make a patcher by comparing the CPM+ in the image against a plain vanilla one.  You might also be able to add additional known or unknown patches to make the ultimate CPM patcher.  To my knowledge the patches in the above are: fasttext, new font, M drive (same as C) and All CPC patch (this was prior to plus machines so not sure how well that works).

XFORM allows you to format a disc as well as select formats.  820k per 80 track disc is what was common, but also xddos 704 (Vendor format) as per the SUPER.ROM was also common.  If you do type XFORM, it refers itself to be the CP/M patcher and refers to patcher.hlp for more info - so I guess I should look for that.

VIRKILL apparently was the first ever virus killer for CPC - I suspect it is not a hoax, however obviously CPC isn't an easy machine (in the early days of floppies) to spread viruses - from memory there was an accompanying image to prove it worked.


"XFORM b:format 8" to format drive b as as dragonbreen 820k format
 "XFORM b:8" to select drive b as as dragonbreen 820k format
"XFORM b:format 6" to format drive b as as XDDOS 704k format
"XFORM b:6" to select drive b as as XDDOS 704k format

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