Author Topic: edsktool - manage and create real floppies on your CPC (with mass storage)  (Read 354 times)

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I'm working on a new toolbox for EDSK

With this you can edit, drop or add sector, import/export data, ...

But you can also generate a bunch of files for mass storage support. Those files will allow you to write the data to a real floppy

a short doc may be like

edsktool.exe favouritegame.dsk -export

rasm.exe super_format.asm

then you drag'n'drop MAKE.BAS WRITEDSK.BIN and all PACK*.DAT to a folder in your mass storage solution

then with your CPC => RUN"MAKE.BAS

there is a partial support for hexagon sector and the tool won't support protected floppies like KBI or GAP protection since the CPC cannot do it :)
but erased format is supported, as well as DAM sector, multi-sized sectors, ...
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use RASM, the best assembler ever made :p

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