Filelauncher (ACMEDOS+M4DOS+CubeIOS)

Started by SOS, 19:35, 11 February 17

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I created a easy-filelauncher. It is an additional program (ROM) of my file-commander, but can be used separately (but you must install both ROMs YANCC.ROM+LAUNCHER.ROM).
Download link, see 1st post of

The screenshot is from the M4DOS-Version. ACMEDOS-User has only a 8+3-Filename-view.
CubeIOS has longnames...


Congrats on the releases and thanks for your hard work. This along with YANCC certainly will make things easier !


Many thanks for your work.

It is perfect to work together with a mass storage board.



Came here as per M4's txt instructions when I checked the current available file launchers.
Appreciate your work! Thank you.


New Version with Bugfixes + faster display output.
See Link in the 1st post.


your amstrad news source in spanish language :

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