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Git proxy for CPC?

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There are scripts floating around which monitor directories and automatically push changes made to that directory into a git repository. It is basically just setting up a FTP server and monitor a subdirectory (to begin with).

See here for example:

I think the best solution for CPC would be...

An UniDOS plugin that lets you map a CPC folder to a GIT repository.  I am not sure though how difficult it is to integrate with GIT.

I don't think it is possible to implement SSL on a CPC (without specialized hardware)

Maybe an unidos node acting as FTP client connected to a remote FTP server folder maped to a virtual drive?

But how would you commit/push? New RSXs I guess?
But would a SAVE directly mark any file as staged?
And how to resolve conflicts in a nice way?

All this seem quite complicated to perform on a plain CPC... but I might be wrong!


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