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Git proxy for CPC?

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I'd like to update github or other (*) from my CPC.
Git is a monstrosity, so I'm thinking of a simple proxy on a equally monstrous machine (e.g. ibm pc, commodore amiga ...):

* You upload your files via ftp from the CPC.
* A server somewhere would monitor the ftp site.
* If a special file is changed (e.g. "commit.txt"), it would invoke `git commit`.
* The ftp site would be the instantaneous source of truth, yet we would have an history of changes.
What do you think?

(*) github: I'm happy with the fact that microsoft is spending money to host open-source. The downside is that you have to check the terms&condition carefully and consistently.

Not a big deal, but the "proxy" (more like a FTP/GIT gateway) will require push permission to the GitHub repo

The first step seems the biggest to me... If you're using the M4Board, this should be pretty easy actually to transfer the files to a PC, which could then trigger the commit.

I don't have any other machine but my CPC.

That's why I was considering something online. The trigger mechanism should be similar.
And that's not as big a step as you think!

Either way, that's not something I plan to do myself.
I know there are a lot of modern computing enthusiasts here, and was expecting it would interest someone doing such a thing.


--- Quote from: Poliander on 21:46, 28 September 21 ---(more like a FTP/GIT gateway)
--- End quote ---

Thank you for the precision. I also enjoy exactitude.
I was thinking of proxy more in the sense of:
Check the drums on this one!


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