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Who wants to form a development group with me?

Started by zhulien, 10:19, 23 September 23

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Who wants to form a development group with me?


Mainly software, all related to CPC in some way or another, but sometimes not excluding other platforms:

- Network Network Card driver for a game I am making, game is mostly designed but I am having difficulty developing it for now when I don't have a usable monitor for my CPC where I live.  The driver will be coded in Z80 (and work with 2 CPC network cards), game details will be anounced when I get the driver working.

- 8bitology API and SDK: for in-game lobby, messaging, achievements (mostly running and live at, coded in JS and PHP

- CPC online multiplayer games, server-side POC already up and running, prove that we can design a game together, coded in JS and PHP

- 8BML browser to bring web browsing to CPC, protocol and SDK already available for years at as well as logic for the browser (not yet coded on CPC), coded in JS and PHP

- Virtual Display Units (VDU) for CPC API: been online for ages, please someone put support for it in your game and / or utilities - it gives CPC software the ability to display stuff on any of your old redundant displays laying around that may include a web browser: Wii, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Android Phones/Tablets, iPhones/iPads and smart TVs - an unlimited number of them!!! graphics can be added, we could put sound if wanted but it isn't there yet. display debug info in there when you are programming, run-time game comentary for anyone in the World to view... it's sort of a BETA but been online for years now, coded in JS and PHP

- PrimalOS: let's call it early alpha is there in github, to allow multiple computers to run the same software - in itially text-only, but... not limited to that if you don't mind breaking compatability... it's not that complex like FutureOS or Symbos... but also at this moment not so important, coded in Z80

- MOS - Multitasking mini kernel for AMSDOS drivers, proven and working but doesn't do a lot yet - perhaps this can share drivers with PrimalOS? feedback welcome, coded in Z80

- Locomotive Shell ROM - in progress, proven a custom shell based on BASIC is very viable, the plan could be to integrate MOS with Primal compatible drivers and design a very nice user experience as an alternative to BASIC, coded in Z80

- Locomotive BASIC 2 ROM - in progress, proven the language can be extended, and likely in a backward compatible way (at least to a high percentage) with current BASIC, coded in Z80

- UNIDOS Stream ROM - in progress, proven some cool things can be done to extend BASIC, coded in Z80

- Web based development environment with source control, modules and more (I think it's somewhat cool), coded in Z80 - would be more useful when the JavaScript cross compiler is more working... but can work with Z80 now if people wanted it to, just still thinking of the features to expose, coded in JS and PHP (this is the only somewhat closed source project of them all - but it could turn into the World's best dev environment - or not)

- Visual BASIC 6 (very large subset) cross compiler for CPC, and it can correctly parse itself - the code generator is unfinished, coded in VB5/VB6 (either work) *

- JavaScript (subset) cross compiler for CPC, and it can correctly parse itself - the code generator is unfinished, coded in JS (cannot compile itself) *

- JSASM (proven) the dev environment can work, translator to z80 is not started, coded in JS*

* I was thinking of making them all share the same code generator in the end... but if anyone is to use them but me, input is most welcome...

Yep, a lot of stuff there, but a lot are losely related and likely will be rolled into a smaller set of products in the end.  Ideal result: Dev Environment able to code software in: JS, Visual BASIC, Z80 ASM, JSASM targetting Primal and AMSDOS with drivers and libraries to use networking with virtual displays.

I know there are people more talented than myself at least as far as Z80 coding is concerned, but I am pretty ok at it. 


My skill set:

- expert level problem solving and software architecture and coding in JS, PHP, VB, C#, SQL etc...
- very good at coding in Z80 but not as good as some others in this board
- hardware: sorry, I can usually understand what is there and have only designed some basic stuff after 1 year of Uni electronics


corrections for above:

- Web based development environment is coded in JS & PHP, not Z80 - it can generate full application source code currently from modules in any language you use - but the goal over time is to support the compilers, at least the
- JSCompiler JavaScript - cannot cross compile itself


I like your initiative and am generally very inclined to work on something together - ideally something I would never be able to finish on my own, like a game, because I suck at graphics, have only vague ideas about mechanics etc. BUT: I have yet to discover the right mode of collaboration which works for me. 

In the more recent past (10 years-ish), the only thing that worked for me was the RUN! intro I made with rexbeng, where the roles were clearly divided: I did the code and music, rexbeng did everything visual. We also had one channel of communication, were focused on this one project (at least for a while) and found a way of regularly talking to each other which worked for both of us, from a time-of-day perspective. Just some take-aways .. 

There were other initiatives with other people that would not make it beyond a mutual expression of interest in working together, maybe paired with some idea throwing or creation of some drafts, but all of it eventually faded away. One reason surely is that I tend to jump on topics which interest me, obsess about them for some weeks or months, before I jump onto the next one. And I know that that's a thing I have in common with others here (or in the tech-spheres touching computing in general), so maybe that's already sufficient as an explanation, but I am still hoping that I'll find another project like RUN! some day. 

This was maybe more like a collection of observations triggered by your post than a real reply, but I'll leave it here anyhow :)
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