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….And iMPdraw v2.0 is coming soon… Of course, the picture (PINUPOLD) comes from Kris/iMPact !

Here are some screenshots and stay tuned !

… Get ready for the fight !

Awesome! Can't wait till the release! Great work!!!  :) :) :)


iMPdraw v2.0 can easily switch between Cpc Old and Cpc Plus mode now !
So, you could easily do pictures for Old Generation and make them with plus palette too. Nothing is impossible !
Just use your imagination and put some pixels now !

This screen was made by Kris/iMPact too ! Enjoy !

HAL 6128:

Kris is a very good grafix artist, nice!

Is the tool also able to save (definable) parts of the screen?

Yes, of course!
i2 have 3 saves possibilities:
-go1/go2 : two  17k screens high&low
-scr : 32k basic with display
-win : well Known ocp windows (ocp compatible) which allows you to save every pictures pieces you want !

For now, drive a/b, xmass (impdos) and albireo supports (load&save)
Possibilities to make your own brush easily... etc


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