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Martine a cpc old / Plus tool to handle your images

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Here some examples :

input image :
simple transfert :

--- Code: ---#! /bin/bash
martine -i hulk.jpg -m 0 -dsk
/Applications/Retro\ Virtual\ Machine\\ Virtual\ Machine\ 2 -i HULK.DSK -b=cpc6128@fr -command="run3hulk
--- End code ---

Now with dithering treatment :

--- Code: ---#! /bin/bash
martine -i hulk.jpg -m 0 -dithering 10 -dsk
--- End code ---

In overscan :

--- Code: ---#! /bin/bash
martine -i hulk.jpg -m 0 -dithering 10 -f -dsk
--- End code ---

In egx1 mode :

--- Code: ---#! /bin/bash
mkdir mode0
mkdir mode1
martine -i hulk.jpg -m 0 -o mode0 -dsk -f
martine -i hulk.jpg -m 1 -o mode1 -dithering 10 -dsk -f
martine -i mode0/HULK.SCR -m 0 -egx1 -i2 mode1/HULK.SCR -m2 1 -dsk -pal mode0/HULK.PAL -f
--- End code ---

If you want more examples tell me.
Next post will be on the sprites.

If your CPC has the M4 card, you can send your image by network, here an usage example in the video

WoW! SID, that's awesome!!!  :) :) :)

Thanks @GUNHED but it's a collegiate work with @siko, @tronic , @Ast and @roudoudou
Of course I didn't say but to enable amstrad plus palette, add -p (for amstrad plus) to your command line.
Yours gfx may be exported in sna, dsk or just binary files.

A lot of course still remains such as :
- deltapacking (with an assembly code to give an idea).
- fix some bugs

Something else, I can't post dsk file, how can I send to the forum some examples dsk ?

You can also do EGX graphics (which is a mix of mode 0/1/2 on odd/even lines).
Here there some examples in this zip file. (see attached)
To view them (dsk): RUN "file.bas" or then RUN "file.scr" depending on the case.
You'll also find some "delta" animations inside (sna / 128ko).


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