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Martine a cpc old / Plus tool to handle your images

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I would like to introduce you a tool to handle your images for the CPC old and CPC plus series.
This cli tool convert png / jpg file to several different formats, such  as classical cpc screen file (like OCP), sprites and sprites hard for plus series, overscan, egx 1 and 2, tiles.
You can export your files in dsk, ascii text files, binary files.
It’s a multiplatform tool (binaries for windows, macOS, linux, raspbian).
All outputs files are compatible with ImpDraw V2

You can improve rendering by applying dithering, your own palette (plus and old palette supported).
You rotate your image, byte translation.

To explain more, I’ll post some samples in further posts.

You can check the code here :
And binaries here :
A windows Gui is available here :

some sample can be found here :

Sounds REALLY cool, since I´m a mac user I have to try this out ....

It does even create a dsk and a loader for the converted screen, nice  feature & very useful.

I forgot the greetings 😀
The GUI is made by tronic and all ideas came from Siko Tronic Roudoudou and Ast ^^.
The next post will be a explanation of some arguments usage on the same image.


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