märklin digital model railroads software

Started by CPCIak, 11:00, 16 February 10

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I just bought a software bundle over ebay last week.
Nothing special, but one original disc is remarkable:
There's a digital railroad software package from märklin Germany included.
I couldn't find this specific one neither in the wiki nor on ftp-servers!!!

disc content:
- track planing
- track examples
- control system

Is anyone out there, who knows something about the software? Does a manual exist?


Would probably fetch a small fortune on ebay?


Write to them, i'm sure they'll have something.


According to märklin service the software belongs to the 6051 interface.
Please have a look at the picture: It's a 6pin DIN to 9pin (COM Port) one.
Well, the CPC hasn't got COM Port :o



I just got a multi-lingual manual from märklin.
Obviously you need a RS232 in order to connect the interface with the CPC.


Thanks to xesrjb - he has just transfered the 3" disc to dsk

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