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Started by Blurredman, 20:55, 08 July 11

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Okay right.

So I finally got some blank discs in order to transfer some files from PC format 5.25" to AMSDOS 3".

My goal was to hopefully read my grandfathers money manager files (which were created on PCW- Then transfered to PC).

The files on the PC format ended in MM4, Money Manager on CPC only reads MMM format.

I renamed the file extension and tried to read it into money manager.

Error. "EOF met in 650".

Wrong money manager version? It's the only one I could find for CPC. I know the PCW is different but there must have been a way to transfer data formats from PCW to PC, either that or the PCW and PC use MM4 format..


This may be a bit offtopic here, but try COSMOS! That tool is AMAZING!!!

TFM of FutureSoft
Also visit the CPC and Plus users favorite OS: FutureOS - The Revolution on CPC6128 and 6128Plus


I was thinking Money Manager is an application  :P

Is COSMOS Money Manager compatable? If not then I'm afraid that's not what I'm asking for.

I want to retrieve data, not make it  :D



Have had a search in my archives  ;D and found the following version of Money Manager.
"Money Manager PCW. Copyright Connect Software Ltd. 1989"

(You could check out the following link for it, as it is the same one as the one I have in my hands)

User manual page 59

Appendix 9 - Converting Money manager data files

Switch on computer and insert the Amstrad CP/M disc. When you see
the A> prompt, insert Side 2 of the original Money Manager PCW source
disc (not Your working copy), type convert and press RETURN. This will
convert selected .MMP Money Manager Plus data files into .MM3 Money
Manager PCW format, which will then be recognised by the new program.

If you are upgrading from an even earlier version of Money Manager, you
must first convert your data files in two stages. First (at the A> prompt)
insert Side 2 of the Money Manager PCW source disc, type mmmtommp
and then press RETURN. This will convert old .MMM Money Manager data files
into .MMP Money Manager Plus format. Then convert from .MMP to
MM3 as described at the top of the page.

So the file extensions goes from .MMM (CPC ? ?) > .MMP (PCW ? ?) >.MM3 (PCW ? ?) >.MM4  (PC ? ?)

Hopefully this will help You a bit on the way converting the data from PCW > PC > CPC ? ? ?
(It looks like Your converting it the wrong way around ! ! !)

As for the practical use, it could be though going from version 4 (PC) to version 1 (CPC) with the same data file. Perhaps You should try Money Manager PCW on the CPC ? ?


Terje Grind


I will look on the money manager disc and see if there are any convert programmes. I got a feeling there are not any but i'll delve.


Had a look, there is a converter programme, but from an old format (.MON) to MMM.

The date of this version is 1986 out of interest.

This is it.

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