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Monogams to behave more like a file based hex editor.



I wish to improve Monogams (OrgamS's monitor) for hackers, programmers and fair investors.

Imagine you are searching for cheat code / easter egg / hidden message in a program.

Old fart way of doing things (Hackit/ Le Hackit):

* Have your program in RAM
* Search for some opcodes or markers
* Note all the addresses (except the spurious ones)
* Visit each addressNew art cracking:

* Let Monogams load the program in a dedicated space. So the search is restricted to the program area, hence faster and non-disturbing. Also, it wouldn't overwrite the first 128k, so we can still work with your own stuff.
* Inline search (e.g. go to prev/next occurrence in memory-view or disassemble mode, nothing to write down), allowing wildcards and smart searches (i.e. "who jumps to this address?" even with JR).But sometimes, that's just the raw memory you want to inspect.
That's why I want to introduce the concept of clips, which could be:

* A file
* A snapshot of a memory area
* Live view of a memory area.The last one could be used to track variables in step-by-step debugging.
Combined, 2/3 can be used to make a diff "before vs after".

Would we be interested by using that? By coding that?
Which interface would you like (e.g. syntax to define a clip?).



If some people wants to help me with that, there are some work than can be done from scratch (i.e. you don't have to touch orgams code).


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