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New customisable firmware (lower ROM).

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Both X-Men and M4Board allow to change the firmware. Both propose firmware mods.
I plan to cook a source of the firmware with several flags, to be able to cherry pick:

* M4ROM detection in slot >31
* More generally, # of rom to initialise: 16 (default), 32, 64...
* Mode 2 boot
* Disable text output at boot
* ROM deactivation when ESC pressed at boot time.
* Keyboard layout (german, spanish, danish, ...)
* Fast CLS
* Fast PRINT (if companion upper rom)
* Firmware 3.15
* Boobs
* ...Let me know if you think of something else!


--- Quote from: m_dr_m on 14:01, 09 February 21 ---Let me know if you think of something else!
--- End quote ---
Some CPC's cant replace ROM7. Duke has in his LowerROM-Patch an logic:
"If i need to init ROM7, i will init ROM6 instead"

I knew about fast PRINT, but fast CLS?

Mode 2 boot would also be nice, I love that font.
ROM deactivation also sounds quite practical.
How does BOOBS initialise?

What size boobs were you thinking of implementing? Will more RAM be required for the larger ones?

Also, will you be doing all versions of the lower ROM (there are several variants)?



--- Quote from: Bryce on 15:09, 09 February 21 --- will you be doing all versions of the lower ROM
--- End quote ---

Are we talking about software here?


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