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--- Quote from: Cwiiis on 15:37, 29 September 21 ---Oh, I think that's much better
--- End quote ---

I was sitting on a chair and thinking: well, a multi-clipboard wouldn't be much more complicated. E.g. keep, the last 8 copied or deleted blocs.
Then, UI-wise, I'm not sure which method would work best to pick one of the older clip.
I'm guessing @OffseT has an idea about that.

If anyone would like to code the new copy/paste, please let me know!
Here are the specs:

There is no code to change, only new routines to write!
So you don't have to mess with existing orgams source.

PS: can be written in the language of your choice, as long as it runs on CPC and i't embeddable from assembler.
E.g., if BASIC program, please show me how to kick up the interpreter and execute the basic bytecode from assembler!

How cool is that?

New options added!

"Dump memory while tracing" was discussed here:
But I don't have clear answers.

Yeah! Label auto-completion available, thanks to @toms


Incoming (again thanks to @toms !): No-overheard profiling from monogams (gives the time taken by a routine, microsecond accurate).
See doc draft here:

The user interface part (integration) isn't done yet.
So if you have some suggestion, now is the (machine) time!


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