Author Topic: HDOS/IDE-8255 and Disk-On-Module (DOM)  (Read 865 times)

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HDOS/IDE-8255 and Disk-On-Module (DOM)
« on: 12:12, 21 May 16 »

I have been testing a DOM with the IDE-8255 and HDOS (version 1).

The test demonstrates directories and files in directories. All files are empty.

The partition is 256 Mb in size on a 512Mb DOM and the partition is assigned 16 blocks for directories (i.e 2048 directory entries) and the number of blocks in the partition is 65536.

A link showing it in action on youtube is


I have been working with audronic in testing the DOM using the IDE-8255 as he has recently purchased one of the remaining interfaces.

The latest version of HDOS is version 2, while the drivers does have SF2/X-MASS support (these are available elsewhere on the forum).


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