SD HxC / X-MEM / CPC6128 questions.

Started by merlinkv, 20:17, 07 March 16

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I have some units of the SD HxC emulator and today I decided to setup to work on CPC6128 as drive B. The unit is working fine, but I have some questions:

- X-MEM: Exits one ROM version of the Manager 3.1 for drive A and/or B? I have the ROM v3 ... started with |HXC all times try to read from drive A (one 3" unit)

- AUTOBOOT.HFE: It's possible to make one 720k (double sided) AUTOBOOT.HFE file to run directly from Parados 1.2 (my B drive is 80 tracks, double sided, single-stepping)

Thanks in advance  :)

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