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Vortex WD-20 System Disc
« on: 21:51, 21 February 17 »
Hy, with the M4 i am now able to backup my Vortex Discs to the PC.
Maybe somone can point me, where i can upload some Discs, which maybe can be interesting.
The first here is the Vortex System Disc of the WD-20 (the Winchester Drive)
The bkp is the Backup-content of the Original Disc, and the org is the Content of the original disc.
Maybe someone find it useful, or its only for archive this disc :)
Bye Tolkin

PS: Iam looking for the Manual or a copy of the WD-20. Which described the LowLevel Formater and other WD sepcial things.
Thanks for help
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Re: Vortex WD-20 System Disc
« Reply #1 on: 09:04, 22 February 17 »
Hey Tolkin,

I attempted to emulate the WD-20 in Arnold. The blocker for me is the structure of the "boot" or "root" sector. If I could find the tools to format the HD then I would have it working in Arnold :) I hope the disc you posted has this.

I collected all the info I could work out here:

It would be great to get more info on this hard disc.


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Re: Vortex WD-20 System Disc
« Reply #2 on: 19:30, 22 February 17 »
Hey Arnoldemu,
the other Part in this article is made by me (back in the days ;)
Yes on the disk are the LowLevelFormat Tools and other Tools related to the WD-20.
Hope this help you.