Author Topic: Symbolic calculus program under CP/M  (Read 619 times)

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Symbolic calculus program under CP/M
« on: 19:46, 20 August 20 »
Hi. Looking around the web, I found this program and I thought it was interesting to share it.
It is a symbolic calculation program (like Mathematica, Maple or Derive ...) in fact this is the precursor to Derive.
This is Mumath and he seems to be very powerful.
This particular copy is the CP / M version for Osborne One. As it does not use escape codes to the console, but only pure ASCII, it can be used without problems.
In the photos: (from my CPC) Taylor polynomial development of the functions e ^ sin (x) and (1 + x) ^ a
Some derivatives and integrals, pi with n decimal digits, ...

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Re: Symbolic calculus program under CP/M
« Reply #1 on: 13:32, 02 September 20 »
Gotta say this looks awesome... I can imagine people working with it back in the day, but it would have taken serious determination!