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Started by jbaudrand, 14:51, 03 March 12

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Hello, I'm trying to run writedsk for restore my original prince of persia:
I put PRINCE.dsk on a PC 720ko formatted disk.
on cpc I launch -wrdsk
I put the prince floppy PC in 3"5 drive (used as A:)
I type ùwritedsk,PRINCE.dsk
it launch the rsx
it said insert PC disk in B:

How can i change this?
If I type ùwritedsk,PRINCE.dsk,ab
it doesn't work.



If you want to copy from drive A to drive A ( it will tell you when to swap disc's ).
Use the following.


If you want to copy from drive A to drive B.
Use the following.


It requires the quotation marks...so type it exactly as above.

The CPC in Australia...
Awa - CPCWiki


Thanks for explanation :)

So I succed to transfert dsk and I got the same problem as my original disk, the game launch perfectly and when I press space bar the screen goes black and it start loading the first level and fail.
So I download writedsk 1.2
Use it, the game launch, I press spacebar, and the game freeze on intro screen.

If I play from a 3"5 disk (using cpcdiskXP) it works perfectly.


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