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"emulator Laptop"
« on: 11:10, 03 September 18 »
Hi all,
    I've just replaced my "emulator laptop" and thought I'd offer my previous device here in case anyone wants it. What's an emulator laptop I hear you ask? It's a laptop with a 4:3 screen with just WinXP and emulators installed. In my case it was a Thinkpad T42. It's in excellent condition, just includes laptop and PSU. Battery is still present, but I think I only get about 1 hour runtime from fully charged. It has a genuine version of WinXP installed, but all the installed emulators are gone because I had to re-install the OS recently, so you'll have to set it up for your own needs. If anyone is interested in making it their "emulator laptop" then send me a PM.