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Title: CPC464 Keys available
Post by: Chinnery on 13:06, 22 June 18
I have an Amstrad CPC464 Keyboard here that, well, was poorly electronically so I am giving away the keys on it.

Keys available are shown in the attachment. All keys shown also have their posts.

It is an "old" style keyboard, with the fuller height keys and the PCB instead of the transparent membrane.

The enter keys and green keys look to have faded/discoloured slightly, but a faded key is better than no key I suppose.

I do have the rubber membrane parts also if someone needs them. The metal tray is rusty (and a bit bent) if you're desperate but the PCB is no more.

Anyway, keys are free, just asking for postage.

Update: The entire keyboard has now found a new home and is on
it's holidays right now :)