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Free to a good home: PcW 9512+ and PC1640 (needing love)

Started by cheesestraws, 16:30, 29 June 21

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I got these with some other stuff.  I am not an Amstrad collector, so these are free to anyone who can pick them up (or have them picked up) from Salisbury, Wiltshire (UK).  I don't possess packing materials to safely transport CRTs, unfortunately, so posting them isn't going to happen.  I would prefer it, if possible, if both machines could be taken away at once, if anyone's interested :-).

Both machines are in decent nick - I'd consider them "slightly grotty" and yellowed as one would expect, but as far as I can see not physically damaged in any real way.  Neither power on: my notes from when they arrive say 'Dead - PSU?'.

PcW9512+, with a keyboard, another PCW keyboard, and the matching printer:

PC1640, with an ECD display and two keyboards:


These have now been rehomed.  Thanks all :-)

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