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[Give] IBM Crosspad "Portable Digital Notepad"

Started by m_dr_m, 10:02, 07 December 23

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Since it quite ancient (97) I excepted to interface it to the CPC as a graphic tablet. (not for the OCR recognition !)
I never took the time to try that, and now I'm moving.  Quite moving, I know.

I have the box and (almost?) everything.

"Odd, forgotten and obsolete" according to this review:

London pickup preferred.


Never seen this, pretty neat!

A price would help? 


It's in the post title: 0 pounds (at today's rate: 0 euros). :)


Oh right, I thought GIVE was a weird way to say "selling" 😁

Damn, wish I was near London... 


I'm in London but really have no need for something like that, it'd just collect dust in the attic... So here's hoping someone else takes advantage of your very generous offer :)

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