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CPC464 & naked DDI-1

Started by Vyper68, 10:21, 20 August 21

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I am reducing my collection of CPC's and have a 464 for sale. I modded it to take an external audio input to load .cdt's from a TZXDUINO or similar. It has a RGB SCART lead and user guide as well as some tapes.
I also have a DDI-1 interface, I picked it up on feeBay as a bare PCB and it was missing a chip which I sourced and fitted and then modified the DDI to take power from the 464 and modified the drive cable so the end connector can take a normal drive or in my case a Gotek.
If anyone is interested then please PM me and I can provide some photos.
I would ship outside the U.K. but there would be customs charges the buyer would be liable for in addition to the shipping costs.
Paul Woakes - Genius & Programmer

Thank you for Mercenary Paul

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