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Portable Oscilloscope

Started by Bryce, 14:17, 29 October 22

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Hi all,
     I'm clearing some stuff out and have an oscilloscope that I want to sell. Rather than put it on ebay, I thought I'd ask here first as I often get asked for recommendations and many people here buy their first scope to repair their CPC.
The scope is a Fluke 93 2 Channel 50MHz Scopemeter (Multimeter and scope in one). Despite not being the latest and greatest, it's definitely suitable for CPC repairs and much more. It's in immaculate condition and fully working and the PSU is included (something that is often missing in ebay offers). The battery is missing (dead), but available new on ebay for about €30. If anyone is interested, let me know. I've a set price, but I won't mention it publicly as I will offer it at a  "community price" and would go for a lot more on ebay.

Picture added to save you checking google to see what it's like.


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