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Title: Revaldinho's Backplane Expander on Ebay
Post by: LambdaMikel on 00:43, 01 January 19
https://www.ebay.com/itm/Amstrad-CPC-Expansion-Backplane-Board-x3-Mother-MX4-464-664-6128-and-PLUS/192759222196?hash=item2ce1584fb4:g:N0gAAOSwjwZcFRYg:rk:12:pf:0 (https://www.ebay.com/itm/Amstrad-CPC-Expansion-Backplane-Board-x3-Mother-MX4-464-664-6128-and-PLUS/192759222196?hash=item2ce1584fb4:g:N0gAAOSwjwZcFRYg:rk:12:pf:0)
... in case somebody is looking for a MotherX4 alternative without voltage dropping diode etc.
Title: Re: Revaldinho's Backplane Expander on Ebay
Post by: TotO on 01:15, 01 January 19
Seriouslly?  :laugh: 

Without diode, without passthrough, without fourth slot, without reset button... To cost nothing to produce but sold twice the price of the original!
If peoples want MotherX4 (4 slots + passthrough + reset) with or without diodes + ribon cable for half this price just continue to contact me...

Happy nerd year 2019 on eBay!!!  :picard:
Title: Re: Revaldinho's Backplane Expander on Ebay
Post by: revaldinho on 13:52, 01 January 19
Yes, I think they look a bit expensive too, but just to be clear here it's not actually me selling these boards on eBay. I have no connection with the sellers and do not benefit financially in any way.

All my designs are open source (https://github.com/revaldinho) , blank PCBs are available from SeeedStudio (https://www.seeedstudio.com/gallery-user.html?id=292951&user=richarde)  and anyone is able to make and sell them under the terms of the GPL3 license (http://).

I have seen listings for my 74 Series RAM and backplane expansion cards from a few different sellers on eBay and have no problems with any of them. They all respect the GPL3, selling unmodified PCBs with the original markings still in place and acknowledge the source in the GItHub project pages. So, that's all fine. Prices are then entirely up to the vendors.

I also sell small numbers of my own boards (built to order via PM from the forum) at much lower prices than those on eBay, but I appreciate that eBay sellers have a different business model. That probably involves not actually losing money which is something I've singularly failed to do on any of my projects to date. It's a hobby.  :D

Happy New Year to all too !

Title: Re: Revaldinho's Backplane Expander on Ebay
Post by: TotO on 15:01, 01 January 19
I'm sure, no worry!  ;)
Juste that peoples not send their money to support the good guys.

It is mainly why I have never published any schematics of my boards and done my best to produce myself to avoid peoples making money on the back of the CPC community. But the truth is that peoples are free to buy what they want at the price they want (eBay, sellmyretro, ...). Just I do not have any solution "against" that... I have build close to a thousand of expansions on my free time, but they sold a million!  ;D
Title: Re: Revaldinho's Backplane Expander on Ebay
Post by: Vyper68 on 20:47, 01 January 19
I only sold the 3 spare backplanes I had from ordering the minimum quantity of 5 to build my own and it wasn’t for that kind of money. I still have some of the 74 based 512KB PCB’s if anyone wants one, I won’t need anymore. I ordered the 2.10 board revision by mistake (with the extra IC) but they work just as well and I have mine with my M4 and Multiface 2 in my 3 Slot backplane, all happily ticking over.