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Selling last of my games collection

Started by dtwaide, 10:56, 13 May 22

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Would like to sell any or all of the below. Includes some random items that I can't bring myself to throw out and might been needed as replacements.
Any reasonable offer accepted + p&p.

Disc (Boxed w/ manual)
Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja
The Munsters
The Tengen Trilogy (Klax, Cyberball, Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters)
TNT Compilation (Xybots, Toobin, APB, Dragon Spirit, Hard Drivin')
Trivial Pursuit 2 - A New Beginning

Angle Ball (MAD/Mastertronic)
Auf Wiedersehen Monty (KIXX)
Bomb Fusion (MAD/Mastertronic)
Boulderdash IV & Construction Kit (Hi-TEC)
Colony (Bulldog)
Computer Scrabble (Amstrad/Leisure Genius)
Count Duckula 1 (Alternative)
Dynamix (MAD/Mastertronic)
Fruit Machine Simulator (Codemasters)
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (KIXX)
Mission Elevator (KIXX)
Mission Genocide (Firebird)
Monty on the Run (KIXX)
Olli and Lissa (Firebird)
The Plot (Firebird)
Quattro Sports (Grand Prix Sim, Pro Ski Sim, Pro Snooker Sim, BMX Sim) (Codemasters)
Rigel's Revenge (Bulldog)
Rolling Thunder (KIXX)
Short's Fuse (Firebird)
World Series Baseball (Hit Squad)

Disc only
Heroes of the Lance Disc & Manual -- no box

3D Construction Kit Manual
Manic Miner cassette sleeve
Die Alien Slime tape, no sleeve

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