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A dark theme?

Started by khaz, 11:27, 30 October 17

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I'd love to have the option to turn dark. It's killing me when I browse late at night.


Quote from: khaz on 11:27, 30 October 17
I'd love to have the option to turn dark. It's killing me when I browse late at night.

I have the same problem with my eyes.
For a long time I went through a very time consuming process of turning the colours dark in every single program I used, until I found a much better option:

Install an application that lets you turn everything dark, simply by inverting the colours.

Ubuntu has this feature as a built-in function, and I use it all the time. For Windows you need to find some 3rd party application, as far as I know. But it's totally worth it.


Inverting the colours makes it ugly though. I want my cpcwiki pretty.


Quote from: khaz on 12:01, 30 October 17
Inverting the colours makes it ugly though. I want my cpcwiki pretty.

Well, you can't always get what you want in life, so sometimes you have to find acceptable workarounds.  ;)


I hate light background too. So I use only programs with option change colors. Older browser versions of FireFox and Internet Explorer have this. For new one this need special plug in.
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As ZbyniuR alluded to, there are plug-ins available for Firefox/Chrome that allow you to use personalised CSS for specific sites, the one I have tried was called 'Stylish' if I recall.
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These options are way too complicated for me.

@Gryzor Please?


Oops, missed this thread.

Sure, this is easy to do. However, be warned, whatever modifications we have installed will *not* work with that theme... something to live with :(

Do  search for SMF themes and suggest a couple if you want, it may take me a couple of days to implement it!


Ok, go to your profile, under Look and Layout you'll be able to choose a new theme. THe only one that'll work is Karanlik-Lord, so pick that and you're good to go.

Disclaimer: this theme is unsupported. This means that not all forum features worth with it, and it may stop working altogether at some point.


I was browsing the available themes, and there aren't many with a dark background and compatible with 2.0.14
Karanlik-Lord has problems. I don't know if it's because of extensions, but the pinned threads and quotes are still in bright colours.
Maybe try this one?


Very tech-y for my taste, but knock yourself out ;)


Quote from: Gryzor on 19:40, 01 November 17
Very tech-y for my taste, but knock yourself out ;)

Yep, it's much better. Except for the terribly ugly background. And the somewhat too dark font. And the lack of alerts. And the white loading page. And... Oh well.


I've been through the process myself.
Finding dark themes for various applications etc etc.
Then one day the forum will be upgraded and your theme won't work anymore. So you start over again.

It'll all end up being a huge amount of work.

What you're really after is a simple shortcut key to invert all the colours.
Yes, you will need a little time to get used to photos and images (avatars etc) also being inverted, but it's really not that big a deal.
Unfortunately Windows doesn't have an easy way to invert all colours like Ubuntu does, so you gotta search a bit for an application that lets you do it.
You can at least try it out before rejecting it.


As for the theme's annoyances, if you feel like it, you can play with the CSS 'till you're happy and I'll try to incorporate the changes.

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