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A specific board for gfx and music?

Started by Nworc, 16:56, 14 January 22

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Hi guys,

I hope this idea is not too demanding - when looking at the cpcwiki board from a creators perspective, I find that developers are well supported in the "programming" section.

But what about the graphicians and musicians? Isn't it natural that if you provide a board for programmers, that there should also be a board for these complementing arts?

So, if I would be specifically interested in providing or consuming graphics or musics, that would be much easier to find - currently it seems to be scattered across the various boards, if at all.

What do you think.




Heh. I did notice that new board earlier and wondered if it was new or not seeing as it's empty.  I only pop maybe once or twice a week (usually lurking looking for interesting stuffs) so wasn't sure how long that had been there.  Nice addition though!
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Quote from: Gryzor link

Great, it's looking good.

Ok still empty as of now, but we'll see. I know that would be a lot of work - but just in case you are stumbling across interesting older threads that seem suitable for that new category, you could move them there, to help start filling it. I know I know ... a lot of work, but it's just an idea. Maybe the people here in the board would also make a suggestion here or there to move this or that thread here.

Thank you so much!

PS: Be sure that I do send you a donation to the board, instead of a beer!
PPS: I found some unfinished soundtrakker work that I will try to complete to have a contribution to the new board section.


Sure, a ton of threads can be moved here. If you find any, feel free to contact me or 'report' them so I can move them!

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